Logging Your Actions

Logging Activity

Keep school staff and fellow volunteers in the loop by logging your outreach activity! Head to the Activity tab on a prospect profile to submit a note.

There are five interaction types to choose from:

  • Email - Sent an email? Copy and paste the text of the email here, if possible.
  • Phone Call - If you contacted the prospect over the phone, record your conversation notes here. 
  • Text Message - Prefer to text? Log the text message and any positive outcomes.
  • Social Media Interaction - Sometimes it's easier to connect with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Make note of the social media platform you used to reach out—and include the message you sent or just a few details.
  • Note - Any note or detail you want to log about the prospect.
  • Virtual Visit - Zoom, Facetime, Google Hangouts, or other types of virtual face-to-face meetings!

Before entering the details of an email, call, or text, you'll have the option to enter the email address or phone number of the prospect. If appropriate, be sure to enter that information so that your institution has accurate contact info for the prospect. The same goes for social media—our default input is LinkedIn, but you can replace that input by typing in whatever outlet you used.