Accepting Your Invitation

To access the app, you will receive an email invitation to join Volunteer by EverTrue from your institution. The email will look something like this:

Click "Get Started" and you will be taken to Volunteer by EverTrue on your web browser. If you're on your mobile device, you will see an option to download the Volunteer app for iOS or Android. 

Learn how to log in for the first time here! And keep in mind, your log-in session is only valid for 30 days, so once the link has expired, you will need to generate another access link or log-in again using your password when prompted.

Please do not share the email or link with anyone else, as this link is unique to your account. Access to the Volunteer app is by invite only. 

"Help! I am seeing a spinning circle when trying to accept my invite. What should I do?"

Are you experiencing this issue? No worries, this is usually related to your internet browser. Instead of using Internet Explorer or very outdated browsers, try logging in via Google Chrome or Firefox.