Volunteer Platform Overview

Here, you'll learn some of the terms that appear in Volunteer by EverTrue.


Pools are your institution's way of organizing a Volunteer program, typically by creating groups based on a particular fund or initiative. They appear on the left side of your screen underneath our Volunteer logo, and when you click into your pool, you'll see both assignments and prospects associated. For instance, the 'Stronger Together' Fund might be a particular fundraising initiative which has a set group of prospects and volunteers involved. In most cases, volunteers are assigned to a prospect in that pool if they are involved with the initiative. 


Assignments in Volunteer by EverTrue refers to the constituents within your pool that have been assigned to you specifically. That's why within the tool, you'll see two tabs, the left one is titled Assignments and the right one is titled Prospects. The constituents that have already been assigned to you are considered your assignments. For information on selecting your own prospects as assignments, click here.


Prospects are the constituents that have been selected for this particular pool because they qualify as a potential candidate for the particular initiative that you are volunteering for. Sometimes prospects have been assigned to another Volunteer in the pool, and other times, they have not, and you can assign them to yourself. 


Stages represent your progress in communication with a prospect. They allow you to keep track of your prospects easily in Volunteer, and you can even use filters to find all assignments in a particular stage. Stages are set by your institution, though some examples include: Contacted, In Conversation, No Response, Will Give, Declined to Give, and Gift Received. To read more about using volunteer stages, click here.

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