What's the difference between EverTrue and Volunteer by EverTrue?

When you are searching for our Volunteer Platform on the web or in the app store, you might search for EverTrue and learn that we actually have two separate platforms. When you find yourself on the Volunteer by EverTrue platform, you are in the right place, but here's a breakdown of both sites for you.

EverTrue Platform 

Our EverTrue platform is our primary software for Advancement professionals. We connect institutional advancement data with insights across the web to create a living record for each constituent in the EverTrue platform. This platform, which is also an app, is full of intelligent insights to provide additional background on every constituent. This platform is used by volunteer admin and other staff members within an Advancement shop.

Volunteer by EverTrue

Volunteer by EverTrue is a separate platform created by EverTrue specifically for volunteers. This tool will allow volunteers to seamlessly reach out to peers on behalf of the institution. Within the platform, volunteers can expect to see assignments, contact information, historical giving context (if applicable) and any logged activities. In addition, a volunteer will have the ability to contact an assignment directly as well as log any outreach attempts or conversations. If a volunteer has questions within the site, they can always visit the Volunteer help site or ask your institutions volunteer admin for support. To log into the tool, head to volunteer.evertrue.com.”