Help! I'm getting a "User Registration error"

When a volunteer has been invited to the volunteer platform by their institution, they will receive the invitation email which includes a one-time use link (this link is embedded in the "Get Started" button in the invitation email). Volunteers are only required to register/create their user once, and after they have accepted the invitation, cannot use the link again to then access the platform. In the case a volunteer has received an invitation and has accepted, clicking the "Get Started" button again will bring the volunteer to a screen that states "User Registration Error" - this registration error comes up because the volunteer has already registered and cannot register a second time.

Once a volunteer has accepted the invitation, the next time they would like to access the volunteer platform, they can go directly to If they have accepted the invitation recently, they should already be logged in (sessions created via access link and invitation will remain open for 30 days unless the volunteer has signed out of the platform). In the case they go to the Volunteer site and they are not logged in, they can log in by following the instructions here.