Volunteer Lead

As a volunteer lead for your institution, Volunteer by EverTrue includes specific tools to help you and your team reach your goals. If you have been marked as a lead by your Volunteer administrators, you will have access to*:

  1. View all prospects in a pool, who they are assigned to (even if self-assignment is off), and their contact & giving data
  2. View a summary report on how the pool is performing overall
  3. View a list of volunteers and how they are performing individually

*Each one of these components is a separate feature that your institution has the ability to enable/disable. If you do not see one of these components, please contact your Volunteer Admin.

How to Access

As a volunteer lead, you can quickly access your pool's reporting in volunteer.evertrue.com by selecting the pool and using the top dropdown arrow to navigate to "Show Reporting." 

What's Included?

There are three sections within this report: summarized pool data, pool performance, and volunteer performance. 


Here you'll see the following top-level information: 

  • Days Left in Period
  • Volunteer count
  • Prospect count
  • Assigned percentage: % of assigned prospects

Pool Performance

Next is the Pool Performance module. Use the drop-down menu in the top-left corner to toggle between "All Pool Performance," "Assigned," and "Unassigned." Here you'll find: 

  • Participation: % of prospects that have given during the current fiscal year
  • Dollars Raised: the total given by prospects in the pool for the current fiscal year*
  • Activity Type: % of each type of activity logged (out of total logged activities)
  • Prospects w/ Logged Activity: % of prospects with logged activities (by volunteers)
  • Activity Logged: count of activities logged by volunteers
  • Pool Stages: % of prospects in each stage

*EverTrue's volunteer model assumes that any giving by a prospect is attributed to the volunteer, so if a prospect has given in the designated giving category during the current fiscal year, it would be credited to the volunteer and therefore display in "Dollars Raised" for the pool. 


The last module, Volunteers, breaks down the report by volunteers within the pool to gauge their level of participation and help you measure success at a more granular level. 

See all of the following data points for each volunteer: 

  • Assigned: count of assigned prospects
  • Participation: % of assigned prospects who have participated (via giving)
  • Total Dollars: dollars attributed to that volunteer based on their prospects' current fiscal year giving total
  • Activities Logged: count of activities logged by that volunteer
  • Assignments w/ Activites: % of assigned prospects who have a logged activity by the volunteer

Click on any column header to sort the data by that column in ascending or descending order.